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Frontline Spot On - The Best Flea Treatment Available!

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Frontline Spot On Flea Drops for cats, puppies through to extra large breed dogs is veterinary strength solution for treating and preventing flea and tick infestations, including the control of biting lice. The treatment kills 98 to 100% of fleas within 24 hours and lasts for approximately two months for dogs and five weeks for cats.

Frontline Spot On Flea Drops are available in packs of either 3 or 6 pipettes. Frontline for cats is safe to use on kittens from 8 weeks of age and weighing no less than a kilogram or 2 lb 3 oz.

Frontline Spot On

Frontline for dogs is safe to use on puppies from eight weeks old, weighing over 2 kg or 4 lb 6 oz and is suitable for use on pregnant or lactating bitches. Don't forget, fleas are often found around your dog's basket, cat's bedding and other regular rest areas. These may include carpets or soft furnishings and should be vacuumed regularly and treated with a suitable household flea treatment.

The treatment also kills ticks within a 48 hour period, with anti-tick protection continuing to last for up to a month.

Frontline Flea Treatment for Cats and Dogs

Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment should be first choice when it comes to treating your pets. At that time of year when fleas return in abundance, it is essential that you protect your pet, so why not treat it with the best flea treatment on the market? Most vets recommend Frontline before any other flea treatment.

One of Frontline's greatest attributes is its ease of use when applying. When it comes to animals, administering treatment can sometimes become a bit of a chore. Not so with Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment. Just take one of the small sachets within the box, cut the top off and squeeze, applying the compete contents to the skin on the nape of the neck. Your cat or dog is now guarded against any fleas who may choose to attack it, also killing any that could already be residing on your pet.

Frontline kills three types of organism. Yes, fleas of course, but also lice and ticks. The irritation these parasites cause not only has the ability to leave your pet unhappy and ‘lousy’. If left for any length of time, problems can become more severe. Parasites such as these can spread serious disease which may cause harm not just to your pet but have the potential to cause you harm too.

Just one dose of Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment will kill any infestation within 24 hours. It will also protect you dog or cat against fleas for five weeks, ticks for a full month and will effectively rid your pet of any lice within a period of 48 hours. This is the beauty of Frontline, so easy to apply and yet so effective, with that protection lasting for weeks on end.

Filprionol is the active ingredient that makes Frontline the number one choice. This is a phenylpyrazole licenced for veterinary use. The substance is so highly toxic to fleas, only a few drops to the back of your pets neck will provide protection for its entire body. Whilst Filprinol is deadly poisonous to parasites it is completely harmless to cats and dogs.

Frontline Spot On comes in a variety of different sizes according to the type of dog you have. For cats there is a standard pack suitable for all sizes and types. For dogs, there are four options ranging from the small dog pack, for dogs up to 22 lbs right though to the extra large dog pack for dogs with a weight of 8 stone plus. No matter what size and type of cat or dog you have, Frontline will do the trick!

Spot On Method of Administration

Hold the pipette upright. Ensure the contents of the pipette are within the main body by gently tapping the narrow top part. Snap the top off the spot on pipette and part the coat between the shoulder blades so an area of skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette next to the skin and squeeze gently on one or two spots of the skin until the contents are emptied.

Try to avoid excessive wetting of hair with this product as it may cause a sticky appearance to the hair around the treatment spot. However if this should occur it will disappear within a day or so.

The minimal interval between treatments is one month.