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Of the many ingredients that go to make Frontline Flea Treatment so effective, there is one that stands out as being significant. This is the active ingredient, filprinol. Filprinol uses an ingeniuos method when it comes to killing fleas. The substance, with its unique processes is so effective that it has been used to kill pests in many other applications, from controlling ants to ridding great wasp populations. The treatment works by infecting something the pest might make contact with. In the case of Frontline, this would be from the filprinol covering the animal's skin. The flea, once he has come into contact with the poison, does not die immidiatelly - this could take anything up to 12 hours. During this time the flea (still highly mobile) is likely to come into the proximity of other fleas, which in turn too, get infected. The chain continues until all the fleas have been infected with filprinol. Twelve hours after initial contact, the substance exterminates its victim.

For those who fear that fleas have not only infested their pet but spread about the house too, this is a real boon. Normal treatments have a fairly local coverage, killing fleas only where it is applied. These treatments work fine if used diligently, thoroughly covering the pet. What though about the fleas that happen to be about the house, residing in carpet pile or cushion covers? If you kill only the fleas living on your pet, the chances are you won't completely get rid of the infestation. This is where a cheap Frontline Spot On product such as this, is different. Those pet bound fleas at sometime or another will come into contact with other fleas around the home, spreading the highly toxic filprinol and bringing them too, to an untimely death. Frontline's filprinol is so contagious to all fleas, no matter how spread out around your dwelling they may be, that there is simply little chance of escape.

Unless your cat or dog are highly prone to getting fleas, lice or ticks, the chances are you won't have to continually treat your pet every month or two months, whatever the case may be. If pets have little contact with the outside world it's possible to take a less causoius approach and remain flea free. Other dogs, cats and hedgehogs are the main carriers of fleas and lice, so if your pet has little to do with them you might still be safe using less protection. Of course most dogs are highly social with other dogs and if left free to roam are likely to encounter flea infested dogs, the odd hedgehog or pick up a tick waiting in the grass, so its a good idea to constantly check your pet for any possible infestation.