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Do you remember the days when the only way you could obtain Frontline was by getting it from the vets? Yes, in those days, Frontline Spot On used to cost an arm and a leg. For those who could not afford to buy Frontline from the vets the only alternative was to use flea powder... The age old cure. Messy and ineffective, not to mention time consuming. Then Frontline suddenly became more widely available in shops and in no time at all was being sold online. The price plummeted as the vets lost out on their monopoly. Thank goodness for the internet!

Now Frontline can be picked up for a few pounds...and in multi-packs of three or six treatments, so your dog or cat can be treated throughout one or even two summers running. Since fleas are quite rare during the winter season, there's usually little need to treat then. Spring and summer is when you have to be on guard! Each treatment last for around two months so a three pack will easily last you a year per dog.  Let's face it, the cost of a flea free dog has never been lower!

Buying online isn't always the cheapest option. Some online shops sell it at a rather surprisingly high price, so it's always best to shop around. High Street chain stores for instance have their online equivalent selling Frontline for as much as you might buy it in one of their real shops. These popular chain store sites are usually best avoided. Go for purely 'online' warehouse type shops and you're likely to get a bargain.

One of the best ways of finding the best possible price is to go first to a comparison site...a little like the one you're on now! This is like having all the best stores that sell Frontline all merged into one! Now you can really get the cheapest Frontline for dogs.

Once you've found the best price within the site's comparison tables, it's simply a case of clicking on the "go to store" button and buying the product from that store. Simple! Here at we have unique price comparison tables updated daily so, you've not got far to go if you want the best price comparison for Frontline.

Google also do price comparison checks via their "Shopping" site. This provides decent enough comparisons but can become quite confusing, with swathes of stores compared and some products not even being relevant to what you are searching for. You might even see stores from other countries turning up within the comparison table, just to make things more difficult.

Here at we only choose reliable, well established stores...Not in their swathes, we're highly selective. You can be sure the store you're buying from is totally trustworthy for this very reason.