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Frontline Spot On for Cats is intended for use on all cats of any size. Its treatment uses the same principal as that with dogs though the quantities are specifically formulated for cats of 5ml per dosage with a filprinol content of 10%. Two pack quantities are available, either a six pack or three pack. Each dosage last about 5 weeks, so a six pack will keep your pet protected for a whole flea season of 7 months plus. The six pack is also much better value!

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Fronline for Cats

Frontline for Cats - Description

Frontline for Cats not only offers protection against fleas. Lice and ticks are also kept at bay, and any allergy caused due to flea dermatitis is strategically tackled. When applying, use one whole pipette per cat. The treatment can also safely be used on kittens weighing no less than 2lb 3oz / 1kg.

Frontline Cat flea treatment is easy to apply. Simply part a small section of fur at the back of the cat's neck, exposing the skin. The Frontline for Cats Spot On treatment ideally has to be administered directly to the cats skin, so make sure you get as little as possible on its fur. Cats may have the urge to lick the teatment off and though inaccessible when treated to the back of the neck, it doesn't stop other cats from possibly wanting a lick. If you think this may happen it could be a good idea to keep pets apart for a few hours until the treatment dries off. It is a good idea to keep children away from pets whilst the treatment is drying and not to pat or stroke your cat.

Cats that happen to lick any of the treatment will probably come to no harm but may experience the mild effects of hyper salivation. This effect comes not from the active ingredient itself but the carrier substance within Frontline. Its is extremely rare for pets to experience allergic reactions from Frontline flea treatment but on the very rare occasion, cats may suffer mild reactions such as scaling or local alopecia. This is usually quite harmless and temporary.

When treated, you can rest assured that your cat will be protected for around five weeks, killing fleas already residing on your pet within 24 hours of administration and ridding thereafter any it might come into contact with. Frontline for Cats is not known to react with any other treatments your cat may be on. It is a topical treatment and is kept well apart from your pets bloodstream, also it is not absorbed into the skin, so there shouldn't be a problem.

When using Frontline, be sure to treat all pets within your household at the same time. This is the only way to ensure you eradicate the infestation. It is also a good idea to use Frontline spray on furniture and carpets where your cat has often frequented. One last note, be sure not to give your pet a bath for at least two days after treatment.

If there are any other cats or dogs in your house, they should be treated as well. One pipette for each cat. Dogs should be treated with Frontline for Dogs range, depending on dog's weight.