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Frontline Spot On for Large Dogs 40-60kg is suitable for dogs with a weight of between 6st 4lbs and 9st 8lbs. With a large dosage of 4.02 ml per pipette, the treatment removes any infestation of fleas, ticks or lice quickly and easily. The active ingredient that makes Frontline so effective is filprinol, a well known pest killer and the most potent flea treatment you can buy without a prescription.

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Frontline Extra Large Dog - Description

Frontline Spot On Dog, as the name suggests, is applied directly onto a small area of the dogs skin around the back of the neck. It's important to get the pipette to make good conact with the skin when administering whilst avoiding the fur as much as possible. This can be quite a difficult task with very large dogs as they have a tenency to wriggle about as soon as they feel the liquid on their skin. It's always a good ideat to get someone to help you hold the dog and keep him still when applying the treatment.

Once the treatment has been applied, Frontline for Dogs will get to work on the infestation. Any fleas on your dog should be dead within 12 hours. Frontline for XL Dogs Spot On also provides continued protection for up to 2 months, killing any flea that comes into contact with the treatment almost immediately.

If you have other dogs or cats, it is important to get these treated too, even if it is not apparent that they have fleas. Such infestations are highly contageous, so it's highly likely these pets in your household will have them too.

After this give carpets, furntiture, cushions etc. a good hoovering, especially in places where the dog regularly frequents (and don't forget inside the car!). Wash all the dog's bedding too. Frontline flea treatment spray is the final line of defence if you feel there may be more fleas lurking about. This spray is specialy formulated to work on all types of furniture and bedding and is no less effective than its Spot On counterpart.

You have a choice of either the Frontline Extra Large Dog six or three pipette packs. The six pack seems far better value being only slightly higher in price, it should keep you going for two summers per dog. The three pack will give continous protection for six months, so providing for a full flea season of summer protection. It shouldn't be necessary to treat your dog during winter as fleas and ticks aren't all that prevalent during that time of year...though never say never! A warm winter could bring the critters out early, in which case you might need an extra pipette, so providing for another couple of months.