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Frontline Spot On for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg is a flea, lice and tick treatment aimed spefically at dogs of the larger variety weighing between 3st 2lbs and 6st 4lbs. A single dose contains 2.68ml, 10 percent of which is the active ingredient, Filprinol. Any fleas, lice or ticks are killed on contact and treatment continues its protection for around two months.

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Frontline Large Dogs

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Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment is one of the most effective medications available without prescription for treating infestations of fleas, lice and ticks and, unlike conventional treatments, continues to protect for weeks to come.

The ease of administration is one of its strong points. No messy powders or tablets to be take here. Just a small spot (one pipette) to the back of the dog's neck and that's it. For large dogs it might be wise getting someone to help take hold when squeezing the treatment on. Some dogs may find the liquid a little cold, the temporary discomfort making them uneasy. Frontline for Dogs needs to make good contact with the skin and a wriggling dog can make the process of administering much more difficult.

Make sure you treat all dogs and cats in the household. If you find fleas on one dog, the chances are the infestation has spread. To be sure the treatment is effective, its prudent to keep your pets apart for a while after treatment so they don't lick each others dose off. Frontline is fairly fast drying, so only a couple of hours is necessary. Also, during this drying stage, if your dog is partial to a swim, keep him away from rivers and lakes. Frontline readily dissolves in water and getting your dog wet after treatment would reduce its potency considerably. Do not bath your dog for a day or so after treatment.

For dogs on the borderline of 88lbs/40kg it is advisable to go for the next size up. Frontline Dog XL's larger dose will make doubly sure the treatment is potent enough to kill all infestations along with the strength to continue with protection.

Frontline for Large Dogs comes in two different quantities. Either a three or six pipette pack. Three packs aren't that much cheaper than six, so its worth going for the larger of the two. The six pack gives 12 months of continual treatment so should see you through 2 flea seasons (two summers) per dog.

On many of the merchants sites, ordering above a certain price gives free postage, so if you have say, a couple of dogs the chances are it will bring a further saving.