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Frontline Spot On for Medium Dogs 10-20kg is for dogs with a weight ranging from 1st 8lbs to 3st 2lbs. Using the same trusted principal as the rest of the Frontline range it effortlessly rids your pet of any infestation of fleas, ticks or lice within 24 hours. Unlike conventional treatments, Frontline carries on working, preventing any future attacks for a full 2 months.

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Frontline Medium Dogs

Frontline Medium Dog - Description

Frontline for medium dogs contains a dosage of ml per pipette with 10% making up the active ingredient, filprinol. Filprinol is one of the most potent insecticides on the market that doesnt need a prescription to obtain. This substance is highly toxic to those parasites that reside on or about your pet, killing fleas or lice on contact. Any ticks hiding within their fur will simply drop off.

That small dose applied to the back of the neck soon gets to work, dispersing until covering the entire body of your pet. It does this through transportation within the dog's bodily oils until it is completely protected. Though poisonous to fleas , ticks and lice, Frontline Spot On remains completely harmless to dogs.

If you have more than one dog, it is essential you treat the others even if they don't appear to have any infestation. Fleas and lice are difficult to get rid of at the best of times and it will be very likely other dogs will have a few of them hiding away in their fur too. Also, keeping your dogs apart for a number of hours after treatment prevents them from licking the treatment off each other neck.

As an extra precaution it's not a bad idea to treat furniture and carpets where any dogs may have been around frequently.  Fleas hiding in these areas can be eliminated by the use of Frontline Spray. This is equally as effective as the Frontline for Dogs treatment, killing any infestation within twelve hours. Don't worry too much if you happen not to use spray. It isn't essential as the dogs themselves will be protected from any future infestation whilst the treatment continues to do its work. Fleas languishing in carpets, cushions or furniture no longer have a host, so eventually die anyway from shear starvation.

Finish off by hoovering carpets, sofas and the like, not forgetting to vacuum parts of your car where the dog has sat. Wash any bedding your dog has slept on too. After this you should be flea free!

If your dogs weight is borderline with the upper limits of this treatment it could be a good idea to go for the Frontline for Dogs - Large Dogs Treatment just to make sure your dog gets a proper dosage. Its always better to be safe than sorry and risk a returned infestation.