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Frontline Spot On for Small Dogs 2kg -10kg is formulated specially for dogs with a weight of between 4lb 6oz and 1st 8lbs . Effective against fleas, lice and ticks, it will quickly kill any infestation within a 24 hour period. Frontline continues to protect your dog from any further attacks for a further two months, ridding fleas and other parasites on contact.

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Frontline Small Dog

Frontline for Small Dog - Description

Frontline Small Dog uses a dosage of 0.67ml per pipette, 10% of which is the active ingredient, filprinol. Although filprinol is totally harmless to pets, it provides some of the best protection on offer against fleas, lice and ticks to which it is extremely toxic.

Applying couldn't be easier. Firstly, it might be a good idea to get someone to help secure your dog as the treatment is administered. Some dogs tend to move about as Frontline is applied and this makes it more difficult to get a really good contact with the skin. With a scissor snip to the top of the pipette you're ready to apply. Separate a small area of fur at the back of the dogs neck, making sure you expose the skin. Take the pipette and point it directly onto the dogs skin, squeezing out all the contents and making sure as little as possible gets onto the fur.

Once applied, Frontline for Dogs will kill any infestation within 24 hours. Unlike many other treatments the filprinol contained in Frontline Spot On flae treatment continues to protect your dog from any future attacks for a full 2 months. When the two months have expired, simply repeat the process.

A three pack is ideal for protecting your pet throughout the six months or so of the year when fleas are prevalent but the six pack is much better value and could be used over a two summer period. Use only one pipette per dog and if you have more than one dog, make sure you treat them all at once. This is the only way to be really sure you eradicate any infestation as flea problems can be extremely contagious.

For extra security it makes sense to treat your household furniture too. Frontline make a spray specifically for this purpose. Fleas and lice can still be hiding in areas such as carpets and cushions, particularly in places where your pet spends much of his time. The spray contains the same ingredients as Frontline Spot On, so protection is long term.

Do not bath your dog for the next couple of days after treatment. If he likes swimming, keep him away from rivers, lakes etc. too. The treatment needs time to settle in and exposure to water may weaken its potency. If your dog is near the upper weight limit for Fronline small dogs, it could be worth going for the next size up. With Frontline for Dogs - Medium Dog you can then be sure the strength of treatment is going to be effective.