Frontline Flea Treatment

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Frontline PipetteWith Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment, fleas on and around your pet become a thing of the past. Just one single treatment and your cat or dog will immediately feel the benefits of a flea free life. Frontline is the premier flea treatment for cats and dogs and probably the most effective product on the market for killing fleas, lice and ticks stone dead. The great thing about this treatment is that it only needs to be applied every five weeks to two months or so. That small drop that is applied to the back of your pets neck is active, killing fleas lice and ticks throughout the entirety of his or her fur by utilising the powerful anti-parasitic substance known as Fliprinol. While Filprinol is not exactly a fleas best friend, it remains completely harmless to your pet and brings no side effects what-so-ever.

Frontline Spot On - Simple and Effective

The treatment comes in an easy to use pipette. Within a standard box, six pipettes are supplied, which should keep your pet and home flea free for a good while to come. Using the pipette to apply the treatment is an easy affair. Just cut the top off the foil backed pipette, lift a small amount of fur on the back of your pet’s neck, exposing the skin. Now, squeeze the entire contents directly onto the exposed skin. That’s all there is to it! Your pet is now protected to ward off fleas, lice and ticks for a good five weeks for cats, and two months for dogs.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go through this ritual every month of the year! Fleas tend only to be really prevalent during the summer months so, it’s not usually necessary to repeat the treatment every month of the year. High summer and late spring should see you fine.

Fleas hate the cold and can be rather a rarity in winter, but during warm weather they can be quite common around gardens and parks, possibly residing on other pets. These places (and from other dogs especially) are where your pet is most likely to pick up an infestation. Though these scenarios bring some of the most common forms of transmission, it’s not always the case. During cold weather fleas can hide throughout the home. Treating your pet can seem a waste of time only for him or her to gain another infestation from a louse contaminated rug or cushion. This is where Frontline for dogs or cats comes into its own. The treatment continues to kill fleas for weeks on end. Continue this treatment for a couple of months and the fleas throughout your home should die out through either a lack of food or from the Frontline treatment itself.