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It's quite easy to confuse Frontline for Cats with the many other products on the market that look the same and try to achieve the same effect. Similar packaging, with the same spot on method of application, these varying treatments can cause confusion for anybody hoping to by the original product. Be assured, Frontline is the original Spot on flea treatment while comparable products are mere copies.

Frontline uses a powerful substance known as Filprinil. This is one of the most effective treatments you can obtain without the need of of prescription and while not in the least harmful to your pets, is deadly to all fleas, lice and ticks.

Now, Frontline for Cats isn't just a one off, short term treatment. Once applied to the back of your pets neck, the treatment carries on working 5 weeks for cats. This means fleas have no chance of survival. Lice or any eggs are killed within a period of 12 hours and ticks suddenly find your pet's fur a very unwelcome place to be.

For many pet owners the effectiveness of treatment shows with a marked improvement it their pet's general appearance. The health of your cat can really be affected when infested with even just a few fleas. If that infestation continues for any length of time, the ever increasing flea population can make their host feel positively lousy!

There is no time to loose if you spot the odd flea crawling about your pets body. If you spot one, the chances are there will be quite a few more languishing deep withing its fur. This is the time to purchase a pack of Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment. It may be tempting to go for the cheaper alternatives but would more probably than not end in a false economy. Many of these products do not contain the active ingredient Filprinol, and if they do, it may not be to the required strength.

Fleas have a habit of returning to their host if their fur once again looks welcoming. Lesser treatments may kill fleas after initial treatment but, very often the treatment no longer continues to work after this, only for more fleas to re-occupy the places of their former colleges.

'Why do fleas return after treatment?', you may ask. Well it's simply because not all the fleas about your pet have been properly exterminated. Yes, the ones residing on your pet are probably dead, but what about the ones who happen to jump off before treatment? Fleas are always hopping on or hopping off pets and half the time are found crawling about the sofa or carpet. These must be got rid of too.

Since Frontline for Cats continues to work on pets for up to 2 months, Those fleas crawling about the house have no access to their host's blood supply. No longer can they hop on board and help themselves. Frontline has made your pet out-of-bounds for the flea. Before long fleas hidden about your house die purely from either starvation or Filprinol's long term effects.