Frontline for Dogs - Spot On Flea Treatment

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Frontline for Dogs Flea Treatment uses advanced technology to achieve its reliable results. Rather than the treatment being taken aurally it is administered externally. This means the treatment never has to pass through the animals blood stream to get the required result. Frontline targets the parasites directly upon the surface of the skin, everything is external. This is by far and away the safest method when combating fleas and lice, keeping away any toxins from the internal workings of the body.

When you first apply Frontline for Dogs Spot On Flea Treatment the active ingredient, Filprinol gets to work quickly.Within the following 24 hours the Filprinol dissolves into the pets natural oils dispersing throughout it’s entire bodily surface. Hard to believe from just a few drops of Frontline to the back of the neck!

The active substance particularly concentrates itself around the oil glands of the skin. Thus, when oil is secreted, the Filprinol readily mixes with it, providing your pet with a continually fresh coating of protection. This process, after that one single dose repeats and repeats for a surprisingly long time, working for a full eight weeks in dogs and for cats, a slightly lesser period of 5 weeks.

Amongst all similar products such as this, Frontline comes easily on top. There is no other flea busting treatment that lasts as long without a prescription.

Officially, Frontline is classed as a NFA-VPS medicine. In plain English, this abbreviation stands for "Non Food Animal medicine – that can be dispensed by a Veterinarian, Pharmacist or Suitably Qualified Person". No clinical assessment needs to be made by a vet to gain access to this treatment and no prescription is required. Just buy off the shelf, or purchase online at a more often than not, discounted price, and use.

When pressed into service, fleas that come into contact with Frontline die within a 12 hour period. That thorough and speedy action from Frontline's active ingredient brings with it a quick recovery against any flea infestation your pet may be experiencing. The result? A flea free pet that probably feels much happier than he did a day before!

The fact that Frontline Spot On continues to protect must be a huge plus and peace of mind for all pet owners. Treated pets that happen to mingle with other flea infested pets are in little danger of contracting a new infestation. Remember, your pet is covered and fully protected even if he or she comes in contact with a particularly badly infested animal. With a simple dose every couple of months, you can forget the flea, louse or tick for that matter, ever existed. Just let Frontline do the work.