Frontline for Puppies

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It for works extremely well on mature dogs, but what about using Frontline for puppies? Though the quantities are extremely small, Frontline is still a somewhat potent treatment that could cause harm to very young dogs if misdirected. Unless your puppies are very young, these fears can be laid to rest. Frontline is quite safe to use on puppies from 9 months and up according to the manufacturer of Frontline but some people advise not giving such treatment till they're around 12 months old.

It's probably quite safe to use on a nine-month-old puppy but if you want to be particularly safe, leave it for a few months. Now what do you do if your puppy's too young to be treated with Frontline? Well there are various methods. A powder could be used, but this too might be harmful to very young dogs too. The best and safest option is to use a comb.

Combs are readily available from pet shops and are not too dissimilar to those you buy for human head lice. Usually made of metal, the combs have very narrow gaps between the teeth that can separate the fleas and any eggs from the fur of your dog.

Now, you might think this would take an age, but since puppies are quite small, treatment takes up less time than you think. Of course care has to be taken not to hurt the puppy by combing too hard. Those metal combs can be quite rough on the skin if too much pressure or pulling is applied...Be gentle! Pay particular attention to the places where fleas usually like to reside. This is usually along the back of the puppy where the fur is at its densest. Also pay attention to the chest and neck area.

Combing will probably have to be repeated several times to completely rid your puppy of fleas so plenty of patience is needed...They will be eliminated eventually so long as you remain keen! It shouldn't need mentioning but it is of the utmost importance that any other dogs or cats within your house should be treated too, even if you don't think they have fleas. Mature dogs can of course be treated with Frontline, quickly and efficiently.

So, just to recap. Frontline is recommended for use on puppies older than nine months, though many people like to leave it until they're a year old just to be on the safe side.