Frontline Review

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The days are lengthening the temperature's rising and the dogs are scratching. Yes, that time of the year has arrived when we must de-flea our pets. Now, I remember years ago, we had a big bottle of flea powder that would come out almost every summer, usually several times during the season. On our scratching dogs it would go and kill the fleas...Our dogs would then settle down to relative comfort - for a few days, but then they'd be scratching again! The whole process was repeated again and again sometimes.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and suddenly flea powders have become a distant memory - well for most of us, that is. That is because of a new product that went on the market a few years ago. This new magic flea killing product is called Frontline. Frontline Spot On works rather differently to traditional flea treatments. No more shaking powders along your dog's back and rubbing in. All Frontline requires is a drop of liquid from a small pipette applied to the back of the dog or cats neck and no more. Job done!

With such an amazing treatment, the problems of pet fleas has really become a thing of the past. This is mainly because Frontline keeps working for weeks after you apply it! Not only will it kill any fleas residing on your pet but will keep on working for up to five weeks for cats and a lengthy two months for dogs!

With such a period of extended protection, it comes out as a very economical way of keeping your pets flea free. That powder might be somewhat cheaper than Frontline but in reality it's a false economy. Frontline saves the pennies and works better.

What's more, it's also kinder to your pets. I know my dog hates having powder rubbed into his fur. I'm sure he feels more uncomfortable after such treatment afterwards than had I not done it at all, albeit for a few hour afterwards. With Frontline he hardly notices I'm applying the treatment. A drop of liquid to the back of the neck is hardly going to ruffle my dog. He's not the toughest of dogs, so I guess it's unlikely to trouble any other dog or cat, unless they're particularly soft!

I highly recommend it and is a reason I wrote this Frontline review. It is one of the few products I would personally endorse. Not everything in the modern world is good, and progress certainly doesn't always equal improvement. Frontline is certainly an exception!